Will Bitcoin Take Over the World? — Jeff, coinpass Co-Founder & CEO

3 min readAug 18, 2021


Will Bitcoin Take Over the World? — Jeff, coinpass Co-Founder & CEO

An episode of Generation Bitcoin with host Matt James and guest Jeff Hancock have talked about the chances of Bitcoin taking over the world. Jeff Hancock is the Co-Founder & CEO of coinpass — Voted the “UK’s Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform 2020”.

The Podcast session was initiated by a Bitcoiners interviewer, Matt James, who is also a long-term Bitcoin HODLer that desires to help elevate humanity with new useful technology.

In the conversation, they have discussed about coinpass, government regulation, Bitcoin vs. Altcoins, Bitcoin (BTC) maximalism, the bull run, institutional investing, the lightning network, and CBDCs.

Jeff Hancock, Co-Founder & CEO of coinpass.com, says,

“I got kind of miniature introduced into Bitcoin way back in like 2013. My background has always been in Cyber-Security and tech back in Australia. I looked after hotels and casinos — not the little slot sheens but you know, something like a Vegas-sized casino and that’s where I kind of did cut my teeth on tech and security in a kind of big infrastructure. Moved to the UK, did a lot of stuff in data centers hedge funds, etc. I have had a not as long as history as some other people but I definitely think it’s one of those tools that definitely captivated me from a tech perspective.

Matt James, Investor & eCommerce Developer, says,

During his conversation with Jeff, Matt brought some comprehensive questions to Jeff. For instance, “When did you first get involved in the crypto space?”, “What do you think the future holds for fiat-to-crypto exchanges? Are they under threat?”, “Do you hold any Bitcoin? If so, why do you see Bitcoin as a good investment?”, “Where will Bitcoin be 5 years from today?” and more.

When Jeff said that a reserved currency something like Bitcoin (BTC) which in over time the volatility will level out eventually because it is not controlled by a central party making it a very good reserved currency, Matt responded “That’s what I tell people that you know difference with Bitcoin is it’s already doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s super decentralized. Unstoppable. It’s made to be the base layer for our new financial system and yeah, I love it.”.

To know more about crypto, watch the full episode of Generation Bitcoin #005, Will Bitcoin Take Over The World? — Jeff, Coinpass CEO.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/S6sQb1Vuaio

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