Try coinpass Auto-Trade: Go in the Draw for Weekly £25 Bonus!

At, our vision is to help build an ecosystem that blurs the lines between crypto and banking into a single digital layer. Our mission is to create a safe, secure, compliant and easy to use crypto platform for buying, trading and storing crypto. Everyone, from retail investors, professional traders and businesses should all be looking towards crypto as a means to transform and decentralize their wealth rather than just a volatile trading asset.

coinpass Auto-Trade allows you to accumulate cryptocurrency over time. The “pound-cost-averaging” or “dollar-cost-averaging” investment strategy has been proven time and time again to be an extremely successful and is one of the oldest investing strategies in the book. Simply put, it’s investing the same amount of your earnings each month/week towards your investment portfolio, learn more here.

How would you like to be a part of a £25 weekly draw, just for trying out coinpass Auto-Trade?

At, we’ve made it easy to execute this investment strategy with coinpass Auto-Trade!

We’re also giving £25 to spend on crypto to a lucky winner every week, just for trying out coinpass auto trade!

Simply, setup coinpass Auto-Trade on your account today by:

1. Logging in
2. Going to the Accounts > Auto-Trade tab
3. Set up your trades

Each week we’ll be selecting a winner from the pool of auto-traders to win £25 for using coinpass Auto-Trade!

X No hidden fees

X No alternate tokens or delays

Just £25 for a weekly winner to spend on crypto SIMPLE! (T&Cs)

C rypto shouldn’t be cryptic, and investing should be easy for everyone to benefit.

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