Top Weekly Crypto Stories

U.S. President Joe Biden to Sign Crypto Executive Order

The most awaited executive order for crypto will be finally signed by U.S. President Joe Biden this week. This is an order for the Justice Department, Treasure, and other agencies to look into the legal and economic outcome of developing a U.S. central bank digital currency. Read more

Taiwan Expects to Complete Its CBDC Pilot by September

The CBDC feasibility study was already done in June 2020 and is now working on the technical aspect of the project, creating a prototype CBDC platform, simulating its use for retail payments. The final decision for the official CBDC launch will be after the pilot’s completion. Read more

Crypto Mining Continues in the South of Lebanon

The Lebanese district of Chouf has cheap and easily accessible electricity turned into a mining haven. Ahmed Abu Daher, a 21-year-old man, started a cryptocurrency mining business that helped the district thrive despite the countrywide devastation. Read more

Iran to Continue Crypto Mining Operations Under Strict Conditions

Crypto mining in Iran seems like on and off last year, due to energy consumption issues. This year, the country lifted the crypto mining ban but only under strict conditions. Read more



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