This Week in Crypto: December 8th 2020

2 min readDec 8, 2020


Hello! Welcome to the first December edition of the weekly roundup. It may be getting cooler in December but the crypto-space has never been hotter.

Bitcoin STILL! above $19K

ETH2 Launch

New companies venturing into crypto

.. there’s something for everyone.

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Facebook Libra is back with a new name…. and getting sued for it.

No, we didn’t just re-use last week’s email template… Facebook is in the news again for it’s Libra rebrand to Diem. The one problem Facebook either didn’t research or chose to ignore was that the name is already in use by a London based Fintech. The London-based firm “Diem” is suing Facebook for copyright infringement and is worried about the impact of their brand that could inhibit their growth. Read more.

Liverpool FC Partner with Sorare to enable tokenised trading

Liverpool FC has always had a keen interest in digital innovation and also cryptocurrency. The premier league club has now partnered with digital trading card platform “Sorare” to enable trading of Liverpool FC players on the Ethereum blockchain. “Players can purchase cards using cryptocurrency and the value of the card increases or decreases in line with the performance of the player on the pitch” Read More.

Microstrategy goes All-in on Bitcoin

Microstrategy is in the news again this week after another round of Bitcoin purchases. Their current total bitcoin count stands at 40,824. Their next acquisition however will see them raise debt finance to acquire more BTC to the sum of $400 million US Dollars. Read More.




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