The Next Evolution of NFT

2 min readJul 28, 2022


NFTs are accessible by the global community from a span of global NFT marketplaces that carry a minimal or no cut, letting artists develop more wealth, unlike the standard exchange of art where galleries and agents bear a substantial allocation of the artists’ profits.

The Next Evolution of NFT


An episode of the coinpass Podcast with host Jeff Hancock, Co-Founder, and CEO of and guests Jure Zih of Sway Social and Ani Alexander of NFT Rebel talk about the next evolution of NFT. Jure Zih was a Co-Founder of a company that built one of the first (first-half) NFT Framework and has been in the crypto space for a couple of years. Ani Alexander is professionally working in the Blockchain space and crypto space, as well, for around six years and happens to be a fiction author of digital storytelling NFT formats at the same time. Both of the guests loved the Blockchain, crypto, and NFT spaces.

The following are the topics discussed during the Podcast episode:

  • NFT marketplace evolution, where have we come from, where are we now?
  • New NFT markets and use cases — Music rights, Tickets, ownership, dividends.
  • Are we at the start, middle or end of a bubble cycle?
  • Is there too much hype in the market, or can the trend be maintained?
  • Metaverses: temporary trend or the next digital revolution
  • Predictions: in five years, what will the crypto & NFT space look like, who will be involved, and (read more)…

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