The Murray Parish Trust partners with coinpass as their crypto exchange partner

The Murray Parish Trust partners with coinpass as their crypto exchange partner

London, UK — November 11, 2021 — The Murray Parish Trust has partnered with as their crypto exchange strategic partner. The collaboration originated from an inspiring keynote delivered by Sarah Parish at the CryptoAM awards in September 2021. During the same event, The Murray Parish trust secured pledges of over £40,000 of crypto-based pledges to further the work of the trust.

Their mission is to support children’s emergency services across the South of England by raising money and awareness to support projects at key trauma centres, to enable pioneering research and provide life-saving equipment.

By adding crypto donations to their platform to reach more donators, are using their platform technology, secured and insured custody to assist the Murray Parish Trusts in expanding their reach for further fundraising and donations through crypto.

Initially, the partnership will revolve around crypto deposits, security of crypto assets and assistance with liquidating assets into GBP or EUR when the trust requires the funds for a project or campaign. With time, the companies will also collaborate on further social media and digital campaigns to expand the reach and broadcast the trust’s vision and mission to a wider audience.

”Crypto and donating to worthy causes have always gone hand in hand. By accessing a global audience of investors, traders and developers that have been making gains in crypto and want to give back, the Murray Parish Trust are about to reach a massive new audience of donators that will share the same values and vision as they do.
-Jeff Hancock | CEO —

You can make a crypto donation to The Murray Parish Trust by visiting their donation page here and choosing one of their supported crypto addresses.

The Murray Parish Trust is a UK based charity organisation specializing in raising awareness and advancing pediatric emergency medicine, ensuring children affected by major trauma have the chance to receive the best emergency care. is a UK-based crypto exchange registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a crypto-asset business. It is coinpass’ goal to make buying, selling, trading, and also giving to charities fast, easy, and secure.

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