The Latest News in Cryptocurrency Developments: September 2nd 2020

Our weekly news roundup is here! Where we discuss the latest happenings in the crypto and blockchain space. The crypto banking market booms, Ethereum sees a two-year high. BTC dominance in the market cap falls but shows bullish signals. Let’s jump into a closer look in this week in crypto.

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Crypto Banking Market Booms

The cryptocurrency banking market this year, is booming worldwide. The growth rate is expected to continue at 6.30% from 2020 to 2027. The increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in many industries and the opportunity for venture capital investments will further boost the growth of the cryptocurrency banking market. Read more.

Ether, the Leader of Altcoins

Altcoins such as ETH has been a large contribution to the crypto market cap. Ethereum smashes through the £350 mark as we look at 2020, and 2 year high for the coin. Read more.

Bitcoin’s Dominance Falls

As appealing blockchains such as Ethereum accelerate their growth, bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto market cap falls to 57.9% of the total crypto market cap, which is the lowest it’s been since June 2019. DeFi could have a large part to play in this, as protocols in the space don’t go unnoticed. Read more.

Stable at $11500

Yesterday BTC surpassed the $12 mark and the bullish signals are hard to miss. Bitcoin holds up $11500 as an average weekly price point. Read more.

What did you think of this week’s developments? Which story sparked your interests the most? See you next time for our weekly low down on crypto and blockchain growth. We look forward to discussing the week ahead!

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Invest, Trade & HODL Bitcoin and other cryptos on the UK’s best crypto trading platform. Visit us at

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