The Latest News in Cryptocurrency Developments: November 11th 2020

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Bitcoin sees Record-Breaking Highs, Since 2018

A highly successful week for Bitcoin investors a BTC breaks $15k, with highs extremely close to 16K. A number we haven’t seen since January 2018. There are a few predicted reasons behind the surge, one being the supply crunch caused by enterprises buying up Bitocin as capital reserve. Read more.

Family Office’s Buying BTC as Capital Reserve

It’s not just millennials driving the demand for bitcoin. JP morgan finds evidence that institutional investors, especially family offices, have started to pull away from gold and started investing in the digital asset Bitcoin as an alternative investment. Read more.

A Risk which Turned to Fortune

Silvergate Bank leapt on the potentially risky opportunity in providing financial infrastructure solutions and services for the digital currency industry. Silvergate Bank provides the custody of assets issued on a blockchain and the infrastructure for crypto firms to have a bank account with them. The San Diego based Bank is now reaping the rewards of the innovative forward-thinking risk they took and have a total of $2.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets. Read more.

Ethereum’s Chain-Split Causes Outage & Community Debate

Trouble in paradise? Ethereum’s infrastructure provider Infura is currently facing a service outage, causing a delay in price feeds of ether (ETH) and tokens of some services, causing a debate around how decentralised Ethereum really is. In other ether news, plans to have Ethereum 2.0 launched by Jan 2021 are going ahead and many feel the launch will increase the Ethereum token, ETH’s value exceedingly. Read more.




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