The Latest Development in Crypto and Blockchain

PayPal to Explore the Possibility of Having its Stablecoin

PayPal is currently looking into launching its stable coin. Senior Vice President of Paypal’s crypto and digital currencies confirmed that they are exploring and once they seek to move forward, they would work closely with relevant regulators. Another evidence showing the possibility of this happening was discovered in PayPal’s app by developer Steve Moser. Read more

The Digital Payment Trial of the Central Bank of Bahrain and JP Morgan’s Blockchain and Tokens

In collaboration with JP Morgan’s blockchain and cryptocurrency unit Onyx, the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has finally completed a test of digital payments. The two institutions involved: Manama-based international bank ABC and Aluminum Bahrain, also called Alba. The test allowed the Bank ABC to operate the real-time payments to Alba’s business partners using the JPM coin in the US. Read more

Two NBA Stars to Receive Salaries in Bitcoin

NBA stars, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala joined the BTC bandwagon by announcing that they will receive their salaries in BTC via CashApp. Both of the Golden Warrior’s players have stated this on Twitter. They have described themselves as BTC supporters who hope for BTC to become more accessible. Read more

The Central Bank of Pakistan Allegedly Wants To Ban Crypto

The State Bank of Pakistan is allegedly planning to ban all cryptocurrency transactions in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Sindh High Court held the hearing about the legal status of cryptocurrencies in the country. Several Pakistani authorities, including SBP, presented a document to the court stating that cryptocurrencies like BTC are illegal and cannot be used for trade. Read more




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Invest, Trade & HODL Bitcoin and other cryptos on the UK’s best crypto trading platform. Visit us at

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