The Crypto Round-Up: September 8th, 2021

Twitter Campaign Calls Out BTC Fans To Purchase Bitcoin To Support El Salvador

On September 7th, El Salvador has officially declared Bitcoin as a legal tender. A social media campaign on Twitter went around encouraging people to purchase Bitcoin with the hashtag #7SeptemberBuyBTC. This is to show support for the launch of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law. Read more

Ripple Responds To SEC’s Refusal in the Motion To Compel Pre-Clearance XRP Trading Data

Ripple has filed a response on SEC’s opposition against Ripple’s letter Motion to Compel Sec Employees’ pre-clearance data. This motion to compel will serve as proof that SEC employees had permission to trade in crypto, including XRP and other digital assets. However, SEC argued and refused to provide data because it contains confidential financial details collected by the SEC’s Office of Ethics Counsel. Read more

MicroStrategy Avoids “Multi-Billion Dollar Mistake” By Choosing Bitcoin Over Gold

MicroStrategy, a Nasdaq-listed software company, was able to get away with losing multi-billion dollars. The CEO, Michael Saylor, tweeted last Sunday about choosing bitcoin over gold last year. During the past 12 months, bitcoin returned 376.34% while gold returned –5.88%. Moreover, the return of gold vs. bitcoin was -80% during the last 12 month period. Read more

Panama Introduces A Bill For Crypto Regulation

Following the steps of El Salvador, the Congressman of Panama Gabriel Silva introduced a bill for regulating the use of cryptocurrency. On his social media post via Twitter, he mentioned that the government of Panama is interested in making its country compatible with blockchain, crypto assets, and the internet. Will Panama be the next country to adopt Bitcoin? Read more



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