The Crypto Round-Up: April 7th, 2021

We have been believing in cryptocurrencies for how many years now. Highs and lows in the market, and so crypto’s volatility has been pointed out over and over again. JP Morgan, for example, mentioned BTC’s volatility as a massive issue for large organizations. But since BTC proves its declining volatility, they now believe that it will attract more institutional investors. Have a read and see the growth of the market in the past few days.

Ripple Acquired 40% Stake in Tranglo

With the growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region, Ripple got a 40% stake in Tranglo, a Kuala Lumpur-based cross-border payments fintech. Since the closing of the stake is still subject to regulatory approval, Ripple and Tranglo did not state comments about the value of the stake. Read more

The FCA Includes Crypto Businesses for Financial Crime Reporting Obligation

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) required the cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operators to submit an annual financial crime reporting document or REP-CRIM starting from March 30, 2022. The REP-CRIM framework was initially introduced by the regulator in 2016 and has later consulted the number of firms that should submit the REP-CRIM return. Read more

JP Morgan: BTC Now Attracts More Institutional Investors

In February 2021, a strategist of JP Morgan published a research note, about BTC’s volatility being a massive issue for large organizations. But now, JP Morgan sees the potential of BTC and says that because of its declining volatility, it will attract more institutional investors. JP Morgan gives a target price of $130K. Read more

Cryptocurrencies Reach for the Skies

The new ATHs of the cryptocurrency market is something that we should celebrate for. All the issued coins now reached a total of $2trn. With Bitcoin representing more than 50% of the crypto market cap, we can say that year 2021 is a huge blast for the crypto industry. Read more



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