The Crypto News Roundup: February 24, 2021

It’s already the end of February’s latest news round-up! Remember when Bitcoin hits $51.3K after an analyst, Peter Brandt, declared a “historic” parabolic advance? There’s no stopping for Bitcoin now. Another analyst said that Tesla has cashed in $1 Billion from its Bitcoin investment. Followed by Motley Fool announcing its investment in Bitcoin worth $5 million.

What a month full of Bitcoin news for new investments involving huge companies! While we can’t get enough of Bitcoin updates, Ethereum is surpassing secular companies like Novartis and AT&T wherein ETH broke the $200 billion market cap mark. There’s also the Ripple and SEC’s pretrial over the XRP cryptocurrency where we are looking forward to its result.

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Tesla Has Cashed in Profits from Its Bitcoin Investment

Ripple and The SEC’s Pretrial Over XRP Cryptocurrency

Motley Fool Will Invest $5 Million Worth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hits A New High of $51.3K

Ethereum Broke The $200 Billion Market Cap Mark

The market capitalization of ETH soared above $200 billion which surpassed Novartis, AT&T, and Cisco. This was caused by Ethereum being at 150% in 2021. Meanwhile, when valuing a cryptocurrency with multiple use cases, there is no single metric to gauge its potential. Read more

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