getFIFO has rebranded to coinpass global

Picture yourself back in early 2017… what were you doing?

The getFIFO founders were sitting around a dinner table talking trading, investing and crypto. Back in 2017 your choices for buying crypto in the UK were limited and non-professional. You had to use US Dollars,Euro’s or meet someone on the street in order to buy Bitcoin in GBP Sterling.

Where can i buy £50, £5000, £50,000 … worth of bitcoin without any FX risk, UK based, professional , legitimate and has high quality service?

We couldn't answer the question. Why has no-one done this? Why must we change to another currency like US Dollars or EURO first?

There were no good options, so we decided to build our own

GetFIFO was to be the best Fiat In, Fiat Out on-ramp & off-ramping solution for GBP Sterling in the UK with the best rates, fairest fees, highest security and premium customer service. In our first 12 months, we’ve serviced 1000’s of retail investors, traders & businesses to do just that.

Fast forward to 2020 and getFIFO has grown from a startup to a well known and respected Cryptocurrency Platform in the UK.

Some of our highlights:

  • getFIFO launched in the middle of a bear market and had our first huge month of trading volume as bitcoin sunk from USD$7000 to USD$3000 in November 2018.
  • Partnered with BitGO for high-security wallets to secure crypto funds for all clients and businesses
  • Added additional banking partners for additional speed and leverage of the UK Faster Payments Network
  • Added additional tokens to support the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap
  • Partnered with Local UK businesses to both BUY & SELL crypto in GBP Sterling for the fastest and friction-less experience.
  • Regularly Featured on for weekly Market Updates (check out our YouTube channel)
  • Regular Speakers at #BeerandBlockchain at the Mercato Metropolitan and German Kraft Breweries.
  • Grew our team to over 10 people across multiple global time-zones to ensure our product is always supported and developed.
  • Engaged with our community for feedback, support and product development.
  • Featured in CryptoAM in the CityAM Newspaper
  • Shared panels and stages with well known and respected speakers and business from Fintech, Banking, Payments, Blockchain and Cybersecurity all over the UK.
  • Presented at Shows and Exhibitions all over the UK and Europe.

Through the success we experienced from 2018 to 2020, we had greater aspirations and products and services we wanted to launch for the ever-growing need for premium quality and professional cryptocurrency platform.

We knew that a brand with a greater reach was needed, and so we’d like to welcome you to the fastest, most reliable and highest quality service cryptocurrency platform — coinpass global. (

Welcome to Coinpass

Coinpass is our new name and a new brand that is already open for trading!(

What is coming:

  • New Instant Buy / Sell platform with a clean and easy to use UI
  • New Trading platform for professional traders looking for the best liquidity with low fees, high security and a great selection of digital assets to trade.
  • New Earning & Lending platform accessible with a single click. Get a return on your capital with a full set of tools and products designed to deliver a return on your crypto assets.
  • New Banking options for Euro and many other Fiat Currencies
  • Expansion into new lines of business aimed at both B2C and B2B
  • Partnerships to expand our reach and services
  • Working with the FCA towards full regulation of the business as a Fiat Onramp & Trading Platform
  • Fully AML5D compliant.

Coinpass will bring a simple, fast and easy to use Buy & Sell platform, a top-class trading platform and a way to earn interest on your crypto deposits. We’ve been listening to the feedback of our clients and traders to build new ways to invest in crypto without the hassle and security risks that plague other platforms. We’ll bring this suite of products and services to all of our existing investors, traders and businesses to the UK and beyond as the best Fiat on-ramp and digital finance platform.

We will continue to improve, evolve, build and deliver a seamless and frictionless experience for buying, selling, trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and ensure speed does not decay security.

What will stay the same:

  • Instant banking deposits. We’re already a leader in the UK for instant deposits and crediting our client accounts and we want to keep it that way. When you make a deposit in GBP or another fiat currency, your account is credited within seconds of sending from your bank account.
  • Secure Storage. Our offline cold storage policy has protected and secured our client's digital assets for over 12 months by partnering with industry-leading providers such as BitGO, keeping the majority of assets offline in secure cold storage.
  • Industry leading team. Our team of founders with tech back and finance backgrounds and our ever growing team of talented developers are dedicated to making coinpass even more of a success in the future.
  • Support. Our highly rated and reviewed support team have helped thousands of people that want to learn about not only investing and trading crypto but also how to stay safe and secure their digital assets.

We look forward to launching our product for everyone to access in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow our updated social media presence and watch out for updates and events.

Team Coinpass


coinpass Cryptocurrency Trading, Investment and Fiat on/off ramp Platform.