• Hays Stanford

    Hays Stanford

    Helping people learn to build apps with React Native. blog.haysstanford.com/course/

  • Hardeep Singh Dang

    Hardeep Singh Dang

    HRH Hardeep, Co-Founder @keynovations Android Addict, Mobile photographer, Wannabe Globetrotter, Sydneysider. Loves adventures & tech in general.

  • Murat Ulukaya

    Murat Ulukaya

    I m Murat. I m a student of electrical and electronics engineering . I enjoy reading and researching various articles on technology,software,sports exc. I’ll tr

  • simon martin

    simon martin

  • ₿ Zone @kik_gary

    ₿ Zone @kik_gary

  • Mediumer


    Phones, accessories and researcher of all kind??

  • Afunnell


  • John Castaldo

    John Castaldo

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