Crypto News Round-up: March 4th, 2022

EU Parliament Delayed the Vote on Crypto Regulations

Two weeks ago, the European Union parliamentarians introduced rules to ban crypto services reliant on environmentally sustainable consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-work (POW). It was later reported that the parliament delayed the vote that was supposedly taking place on February 28. This is due to the concerns of misinterpreting it as a de facto ban over queries regarding the industry’s energy demands. Read more

Ukraine Raises Millions in Crypto Donations

Aside from the foreign government aid to finance Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion, the government also raised over $13 million in cryptocurrency after the crowdfunding launch on February 26th. More than 18,000 contributors have given crypto donations after the launch. Overall, the country has raised $20.9 million since the invasion began. Read more

eBay CEO Disclosed that the Company Soon Adds Crypto Payment Options

E-commerce giant, eBay, is now working on adding cryptocurrency payments, said the CEO Jamie Lannone. On the CEO’s interview with The Street, he dropped a hint that the announcement will be on March 10, on investor’s day. As of now, eBay is still not accepting crypto, however, further discussions will be made in the upcoming event. Read more

Australia’s Federal Advisory Committee Provides Key Factor For Easing Crypto Adoption

The Australian Federal advisory committee has proposed four key ways to support a safer adoption and lessen cyber security threats. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs released a study in which the Cyber Security Industry Advisory Committee came up with strategies for the government to have room for transforming the digital economy. It suggests creating guidelines to ensure safe crypto adoption in Australia. Read more



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