coinpass New Token Listings November 2021

coinpass New Token Listings November 2021

coinpass list 5 new crypto assets across all platforms.

We are happy to announce the listing of 5x new crypto asset tokens across all platforms — coinpass Instant, coinpass Trade, and coinpass Mobile on the following markets:


Invest, Trade and HODL your favourite crypto on

From November 22nd you will be able to Invest and Trade the five new crypto assets across all platforms, with fiat pairs for GBP and EURO on launch. BTC and ETH cross pair markets will appear on the platform shortly after release.

We believe that adding further top tier tokens to our platform will open more unique investment opportunities for our user base, weather they are Investors or Traders. All our users benefit from great liquidity, easy to use User Interface and fast access to banking to capitalize their gains in their bank account with speed and ease.

When adding further tokens to our platform, we ensure that steps are taken to ensure safe and secure operation, efficient market access with top liquidity available to all our coinpass users across all platforms. It is our goal to create more fiat to crypto trading pairs for the top tier tokens for our UK and European investors, without them having to move crypto assets offshore to access new tokens.

“We are delighted to be fulfilling our promises to our users request for more crypto asset tokens and markets to be made available on the coinpass platform. Our goal is to add further tokens, assets and ways to invest in crypto-assets to help onboard the next 1 million crypto-users.”

-Jeff Hancock | CEO of is a UK-based crypto exchange registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a crypto-asset business. Our goal is to make Investing, Trading and Holding crypto easy, safe, and secure for individual investors, businesses, and institutions in the UK and beyond.

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