Coinpass Featured in Leading London CityAM Newspaper


In 2017 the blockchain space was on fire. New technologies were being designed, created and deployed across multiple different technologies. The future was bright, and opportunities were everywhere, but there were still major choke points in the Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem which still exists today, Fiat and Banking Gateways to the Blockchain ecosystem

Since 2017 there have been exchanges and fiat gateways available in many different countries, each with their own set of rules and niches, but not all can be trusted equally. Many offer access to the market but have substantial restrictions on deposits, long wait times, low number of fiat options and high deposit and withdrawal fees. Our goal was to address and eliminate these friction points to the client experience.

coinpass was originally founded in 2017 by three founders already working in Tech, Cybersecurity and Financial Services. Jeff Hancock the CEO has a long technology career from Hotels, Casinos, Datacentres and working within the hedge funds. Jason Fitzpatrick the COO has over 25 years’ experience in Financial Services in compliance, regulation, trading. Paul Tiley the CTO has worked in some of the largest entertainment brands in the world such as Sony & Merlin Entertainment securing and developing their networking and software environments.

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