Are Cryptocurrencies a Good Investment in 2019?

Cryptocurrencies have seen more than their fair share of news over the past few years from 2017 and through 2018. #Bitcoin saw a price movement from $1000 all the way to $20,000 before crashing down and resting at the current circa $4,000 level at time of writing. The constant stream of news, announcements, new tokens, exchange hacks, scams, ponzi schemes, exit scams and price volatility constantly draws an incredible amount of negative attention to the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency space.

People often ask questions about the cryptocurrency market as a whole, rather than an individual token or businesses that make up the sector. The majority of investors coming into the space are often looking for a quick profits on their investments rather than long term returns and often overlook opportunities that different businesses or providers are building in this new asset class. This in turn leads most investors to finding either low value, high risk tokens (s***coins) or falling victim to various scam & schemes that guarantee some form of income. Without the right education, research and due-diligence these scams continue to thrive.

So what is there to learn about Cryptocurrencies before getting involved?The real question that should you be asking is:

“Who can i trust in cryptocurrency space?”

”Where is the best place to get myself educated?”

7 tips to educating yourself with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain & Crypto Investment for 2019 — >

  1. What am i actually buying?

Get all the answers here:

Have fun out there and stay safe Crypto Investors!

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