1 year in crypto — A first-time investor’s journey

1 year in crypto — A first-time investor’s journey

A special episode of the coinpass Podcast with host Jeff Hancock, Co-Founder, CEO of coinpass.com, and guest Tom Shearman talked about a first-time investor’s journey through crypto. After his first year of investing, Tom Shearman is a first-time investor and now a coinpass-crypto enthusiast, learning writing about crypto.

The Podcast session hosted by Jeff Hancock, who happens to have had the same journey as Tom before, wanted to discover Tom’s interesting journey through crypto, how he got started and what he sees for the future of crypto. In the episode, they discussed Tom’s backstory, what got Tom invested in crypto, and how his journey has evolved over his first 12 months.

Tom Shearman, a first-time investor and a coinpass valued client, says…

“I am a writer by trade, and I was just sort of looking around and reading various articles, then I started reading a little bit about blockchain. And that is where I first got into having sort of interest in crypto because the two go sort of hand in hand so as being a freelance writer. I was just interested in learning a bit more about this innovative technology. Later, I did saw the intention of starting to write about it, but I ended up doing investing more than writing. In the background, it had this amazing potential to change the world in terms of the way that people work with money, interact with money. So, I wanted to understand how that all worked because if people were using it, then why was everybody not going bankrupt or how do you know what was really going on in the background? When I was starting to investigate crypto, I read a book called “Blockchain Bubble Revolution” and then, I started following people on LinkedIn and Facebook that were talking about it in an informative and non-fanatical way.

Tom’s crypto investment performance

  • The initial spread of $200 (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple) is now worth $808, a $608 return (+404%).
  • A second investment of $75 (Cardano, Tron, BitTorrent) is now worth $1,119, a $1,044 return (+1,492%).
  • A third speculative splurge of $210 (Dogecoin, Holo, Pundi X) is now worth $2,826, a $2,616 return (+1,345%).

Tom religiously reads news and updates from cointelegraph and coinpass’ newsletters and participates in various discussion groups such Cardano and Ethereum.

“Don’t be afraid to get into the crypto space and when do decide to take action, go with regulated and well-run exchange.” -Tom Shearman

To know more about Tom Shearman’s incredible experience at coinpass, watch the full episode of 1 year in crypto — A first-time investor’s journey | coinpass.com.

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